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This is the official YouTube channel of the North West Infidels.


Video – Leytonstone Terrorist Attack 5.12.15 “This is for #Syria “

“This is for Syria”


This is a longer clip (almost 3 minutes) of what took place after the stabbing in Leytonstone.

In this video you will see the police tazer the attacker. You will see him drop to the floor infront of shocked onlookers and you will also see, what looks like, one woman try to intervene.

You will also hear a man saying‪#‎YouAintNoMuslimBruv‬

I’m sorry, infact no I’m not, this man IS a Muslim. Only this week Islamic State said we will suffer attacks here.

This, I’m afraid, is the first.

Upcoming Demonstrations – #Nwi and others


This blog will be updated on a regular basis with any upcoming demonstrations that we will be holding or supporting.

North West Infidels Demonstration – Manchester – 27th February


Scottish Defence League – Edinburgh – 20th March


White Pride World Wide – Swansea – 26th March


North West National Front – Wigan – 28th May



North East Infidels Ban The Burqa Demo – Darlington – Postponed – Date To be announced

We will update more as we get them.


North West Infidels #Nwi


The North West Infidels are part of an alliance of Right Wing Patriotic, Loyalist, and Nationalist groups. We will stand with anyone willing to fight the enemies of Britain and for the rights of its indigenous people.


We are against:
Islamic Jihad.
The Islamic takeover of parts of the UK. Militant Irish Republicanism.
EU membership.
Communism and the militant left. 
Child groomers and paedophiles.


We are not connected to any Right Wing political party nor do we discriminate against any member of any Right Wing political party.


We have no intention of becoming a political party or making an alliance with one.


We are a street movement for the indigenous people of Britain.


We are an alliance of various right wing nationalists, patriotic and loyalist groups from different parts of the UK. Every one of us has slightly different views, some are against all non-white immigration, some are against Islamists and Zionists, some just against Islamists etc. The common ground we share is that we care about our people and our country.

We are being flooded by non-white immigrants and that has put our people’s survival at risk in more than one way.

Firstly, by demographics, whether Asian, African, Muslim, Christian, Hindu or whatever, these immigrants, by and large, have more kids than we do these days, just like the Republicans are doing in Ulster. As each generation goes by, political power grows as they tend to vote for the same party. That’s why Adams and the other scum took the peace route. They still want a united Ireland, but know that they’ll never win a war, so they have more kids than the prods and try to politically put Ulster under Dublin rule, which we can never allow to happen, the people of Ulster are British always hands across the water. As for here, they don’t need their own party, they already have one in Labour and in years to come there will be more and more of their MP’s that are not of white British heritage. We all know that one group of people is a bigger physical threat than other immigrants, but that’s how they will attempt to get to their ultimate goal, they play the victim card and as always the left and the majority of non-whites will stand with them. They now teach in certain madras’s around the world not to go to the West and wage war, but breed and gain political power through block voting.

Multiculturalism has been forced on us. We never voted on it, nor did we agree to it, yet we are called racists and Nazi’s if we speak out against it. It’s not about hating people because of race or thinking that whites are superior, it’s about the long term survival of our people white British people. How much mass immigration and multiculturalism do you see in Africa or the Middle East? The driving force behind multiculturalism is the Zionist’s. Why? Because they hate the white Europeans and use their divide and conquer policy, which has worked well in other countries, while at the same time calling for a Jewish only state in Israel. The Khazarian Jews are not descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel and many true Torah Jews are highly-offended at the atrocities these Zionist Talmudic Jews have inflicted on mankind.

No one is going to stand up for our people but ourselves. Just look what happened in the riots. Muslims came together to protect their communities, Sikh’s did the same but when white people did it, we were racist thugs. Let’s be honest, even at EDL demos, the number of non-whites is very minimal. Why? Because it’s us that are under threat more than anyone. If we continue to allow entry from every third world shit hole, then this country will become one. These people don’t arrive on our shores and turn into civilised people, they bring their cultures with them, even the barbaric aspects of it. You allow people here that have been butchering each other in civil wars for years, then they mainly continue to behave like that. Life is cheap to these people.

Also, EU immigration (as well as non EU immigration) is making it harder for our own people to find employment. That’s why, unless we withdraw from the corrupt EU or it collapses, we will never be able to stop these immigrants from entering our shores. The European courts are always over ruling the British justice system, but so what if a terrorist or rapist will be tortured or put to death if they are returned to their country of origin? Human rights what about their victims human rights?

We class ourselves as a British Nationalist, Patriots and Loyalists.
We want British jobs for British workers
We want British companies owned by British people.
We want the Bank of England owned by the state and not private international Zionist bankers, who are getting rich off the back of our peoples misery.
We want the Ministry of Defence to be that, and protect all of our citizens, instead of fighting wars for Zionist Israel, money and oil, while our people are still being attacked in Ulster.
We want the ridiculous immigration situation sorting out.
We want out of the EU
But most of all we want to die knowing that our people have a future in Britain and on this planet.
We may be a majority here, for now at least, but we are certainly a minority in the world population.

Some people will say that our views are racist, some fascist, and some will call us Nazi’s. It’s just a way to put us down and to try silence us. Yes, terrible things happened in both world wars, both were a pointless loss of 100’s of millions European Christians but we only ever heard about one victim and one perpetrator. Stalin and communism killed many more than Hitler and the Nazi’s, yet the socialist left would have us living under a communist regime if they had their way, as if it is the solution to the problems of capitalism. We would become the victims under a communist regime just as much as we would under an Islamic one.

We honestly believe it’s time for us to look after our own people, before it’s too late. If that makes us racists, then it’s a badge we would wear with honour, but the fact the word racist was invented by a Marxist to silence a Nationalist tells you what we are. We are proud of our race, yet that makes us racist in some people’s eyes, yet its ok to be proud to be black. What is so right about them and so wrong about us?

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